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How We Value It

At Hendy Car & Van Store, we will value any car and we will also give you the real value for it!

We do not believe that any two cars are the same so we do not offer valuations over the telephone or via email. We can however, offer an instant online valuation as an estimate. We can only give you an accurate and fair valuation by seeing the car in person or visit the Car & Van Store in person for a more accurate quote.

Simply bring your car to the Hendy Car & Van Store where one of our highly trained managers will go through checks of the car to come to a valuation. The overall condition of the car will effect the valuation but so will having a good service history, so make sure you bring along your service book.

We will go through the valuation with you to show you what adds value to your car and also what has taken value away - this makes our process transparent and you can see how we have come to the final valuation price.

We will never ask you how much you think your car is worth! We will use the leading trade price guide and our own valuation checks to come to the valuation price.

We won't call other local dealers to see if they want to buy your car - our valuation price is not based on the desirability to other dealers! It is based on our expert valuation technique.

We will never exaggerate damage or dirt on your car - we understand this is a used car. The valuation takes into consideration the physical appearance of the car and also its mechanical condition but we know that a used car is not going to look brand new!

Whether you are looking to sell or part exchange your vehicle, contact us for a valuation

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