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You don't need to buy new to ensure that your van is recognised by the ULEZ scheme!



Did you know that the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is now operating in London? If your van isn't recognised by the scheme, you could incur a daily penalty charge of up to £160 if you fail to pay. At Hendy Car & Van Store we want to help ensure you're ready for the ULEZ.


What is ULEZ?

The ULEZ will operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, within the current congestion charge area. The new regulations will charge any vehicle not meeting certain emissions standards. In the case of vans, the following requirements must be met:  


All new diesel vans sold from September 2016 should meet the Euro 6 standard

All petrol vans registered with the DVLA from January 2006 meet the Euro 4 standard


Prepare for ULEZ with Hendy

At Hendy Car & Van Store we are here to support traders and small businesses who rely on vans, especially if you take shorter routes through London, or make multiple drops. To ensure your van meets the requirements of this new scheme, we're able to provide you with a new lower emission vehicle. We can also support you by offering a choice of petrol engines alongside the traditional diesel ones that are commonly found in the commercial world.

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