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There are exciting upcoming government-funded developments underway in Portsmouth with a view to rapidly changing the South West area into a 'Clean Air Zone' (CAZ). The subsequent benefits will be improved air quality and therefore reduced impact on health and well-being.

Here at Hendy, we fully support these plans, and we aim to keep our customers fully aware of the knock-on effect on their vehicles as we adapt to a more sustainable and cleaner future.

Similar to the London ULEZ, a daily charge will be in place for the most polluting vehicles driving in the zone. This will have an impact on taxis and private hire vehicles that:

- Do not meet Euro 6 emissions standards (so are Euro 5 or older) if they are diesel.

- Do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards (so are Euro 3 or older) if they are petrol.

Peace of mind, at every step

Please note that there are currently no plans to charge vans, although this is subject to change and you may wish to contact Hendy Car and Van Store Portsmouth for more information on this.

 Newer, cleaner vehicles and personal cars and vans will not be charged, and there are also some specific vehicle exemptions. Please feel free to explore our current stock and contact our team to enquire further on new and used vehicles that are compliant and exempt to charges in the zone.


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For more information on the Clean Air Zone, please visit the Portsmouth City Council information page: https://travel.portsmouth.gov.uk/schemes/charging-clean-air-zone/